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New Minecraft Pricing and More

Posted By: Admin - Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

We've recently acquired some new hardware for our Minecraft hosting, as a result of this we've been able to reduce the pricing on our Minecraft Servers, you can now get a 2048MB 32-slot Minecraft server for just $29.95 per month! We believe this is the best price you can get online for a 2GB server, and we're very proud to be able to offer it. In addition, we have added a 1536MB package for $25 in an attempt to offer more package possibilities and meet the price ranges of those who want just a little bit better than 1GB, but not break their wallet.

Here is our current Minecraft Price breakdown:
8 Slots (512 MB): $9.95
16 Slots (1024 MB): $19.95
24 Slots (1536 MB): $24.95
32 Slots (2048 MB): $29.95

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In other news, we've finally joined the Web 2.0 ERA with our new content management system powered by WHCMS. This allows us flexibility in ways we never could've accomplish with our previous system, this will allow us to make offers and improve the experience for our staff and our customers alike.

At Velocity Servers, we're working to make 2012 our most exciting year yet!

- Jared